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In the Hindu mythology, Lord Vishwakarma is believed to be the ‘Principal Architect of the Universe’ and the divine engineer.

He was the one to build or ‘nirman’ the heaven, the palaces and chariots of the gods. Vishwakarma personifies the creative power that fuses the earth and the heaven into one. At, Nirman it is our attempt to provide every service following the footsteps of this supreme lord of creation.

Nirman, has successfully served in the exhibition stall and pavilion design domain for the last 18 years, with satisfied clients in the pan Indian region. We provide our valued and esteemed services in Exhibition stall Design (corporate and 3D), Exhibition Stall Fabrication, Kiosk and Booth Design and Exhibition Pavilion Construction.

Our services are backed by our solid team of skilled professionals and cutting edge equipment. The perfect fusion of the traditional and the modern is what makes our work stand apart. We have a full phase studio and workshop that is aptly equipped for the craft and working for us we have a group of avant-garde designers and workmen.

But most importantly, we believe in 100% transparency with our clients. We attempt to take your ideas and visions and morph them into a workable solution. Nirman understands that each organisation is different and each type of product has different demands. We bend our methods and creativity to best suit your product and make your stall the showstopper at various trade fairs.

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