Events & Decoration

Every Event and has a theme and a purpose. To enhance the ambience, we need to decorate the event appropriately. Decorating an event by itself is a major task. Besides having to have a creative eye, you need to find and purchase the necessary matching items to decorate the event.  Why

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NIRMAN  is a creative consultancy that tailors design and visual communication solutions for your business to reach market users on a global level. Strategically based in the bustling cities in INDIA, our team is well experienced in various creative disciplines - From

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Residential Design

At  NIRMAN, no project is too small and no design is too big. Our expertise will help you create your dream home, bridging your ideas with reality. We take pride in presenting new, innovative ideas tailored to your requirements and maintaining the highest standards in

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Office Design

Our commitment to a superior standard of consumer satisfaction has seen us work closely with our clients to develop creative solutions that accommodates their aesthetic vision whilst conforming to the intelligent design for which our company has become famous. We strive at all turns to provide

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Commercial Design

NIRMAN with over 18 years of experience, our team of interior design specialists has carried out numerous transformations to reach the pinnacle of success. We have the skills and the passion to carry out every project perfectly, and oversee everything from space planning and concept design to

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